Urodynamics Equipment, Staff, and Supplies in One Complete Solution

Urodynamics Equipment Staff Supplies Solution.jpg

Are you looking for urodynamics equipment?  Would you consider a slightly different approach that added additional value and makes your life easier?  This is exactly what BHN provides.  We offer a comprehensive urodynamics solution that includes:

  • Laborie Urodynamics Equipment (Goby)
  • All supplies needed (including TDoc Catheters)
  • A trained nurse to perform urodynamics testing that is a true expert
  • Advanced software for performing tests and interpreting the results

In the past, healthcare organizations have regularly leased medical equipment, including urodynamics equipment.  We offer a way for hospitals and clinics to lease an entire solution, not just the equipment, and pay on a per use basis.  

If you would like a full brochure, case studies, and pricing for you area, please provide your information on this page, and we will send them to you right away.

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