Bladder Health Network Changes Name to Brighter Health Network

Posted by Clark Love on Feb 5, 2016 2:19:27 PM

Bladder Health Network, LLC – a national leader in mobile medical diagnostics with an emphasis on urology and OB/GYN practices – announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Brighter Health Network. The name change reflects the company’s current and ongoing expansion into other healthcare segments and the delivery of new, complementary, onsite, innovative patient therapies.

“The new name – Brighter Health Network – allows us to emphasize our broader business objective around changing the way diagnostics and therapies are delivered to patients by clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. Our core business in the urology,OB/GYN, and urodynamics markets has served us well through the years. In step with market demand, we are now moving rapidly into additional segments including gastroenterology, internal medicine, and general practices, and we want our name to reflect our broader ambitions,” said Clark Love, the CEO of Brighter Health Network. “As a company with deep roots in medical diagnostics used in urology and OB/GYN practices, we are committed to delivering similar innovative solutions to other types of medical practices. Furthermore, we plan to offer in-office therapies that strategically fit with our diagnostics and further help current and new customer clinics and hospitals.”



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In today’s changing healthcare world with decreasing reimbursement rates, expanding regulation, and increasing overhead restrictions, doctors and administrators are looking for innovative service offerings that provide high quality results without significant upfront risk, investments, additional overhead, or equipment liability. Brighter Health Network offers exactly this through its approach of providing the equipment, staff, software, and supplies for both diagnostics and therapies in a single turn-key solution. In the past, hospitals and clinics have often leased equipment to better manage their balance sheets and capital. Brighter Health Network offers hospitals and clinics the ability to lease an entire solution that includes the equipment, staff, supplies, and software, giving them the convenience and security to pay per use rather than incur large upfront costs and ongoing commitments that result from capital purchases.

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About Brighter Health Network:

Headquartered in Jackson, MS, Brighter Health Network, is a national leader in mobile medical diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. Brighter Health Network provides turn-key diagnostic solutions to clinics and hospitals that include urodynamic testing, anorectal manometry testing, and percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) treatments. For the diagnostics and therapies they deliver, they provide the equipment, staff, supplies, and software which removes financial, administrative, and capital purchase burdens from their customer clinics and hospitals. Furthermore, Brighter Health Network’s more advanced diagnostic services provide access to teams of specialists using their proprietary cloud-based software platform that can interpret the diagnostics and return the interpreted results securely.


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