Why Urodynamics & UroCuff Tests Are Appropriate For Health Care Today

Posted by Clark Love on Dec 22, 2017 11:58:58 AM

In the US, over 17 million people suffer from daily urinary incontinence. When discussing the prevalence of incontinence, women are more predisposed to this condition. To get a better grasp on the seriousness of urinary incontinence, take a look at some facts:

  • Between the ages of 30 and 59, one in four women has had an episode of urinary incontinence
  • More than 50% of elderly people which are living at home or placed in specialized facilities have urinary incontinence
  • The good news is that 80% of those affected by urinary incontinence can be cured, or have their life improved.


These are just some of the reasons why UroCuff testing and urodynamics testing are appropriate and essential for health care right now. Such solutions are usually well received by almost all office managers and patient-centric physicians.  As the average patient age increases along with the average population age in America, incontinence-related services are even more highly sought after.

When deploying urodynamics and/or UroCuff testing in a practice, the practice can either go through the long difficult process of buying equipment, training staff, sourcing supplies, etc., or the practice can hire a turn-key service provider like BHN. BHN is the largest urodynamics/UroCuff service provider in the country. The service provider comes to the practice with equipment, staff, supplies, and software on a pre-determined day to run tests on the practice’s patients.  This “turn-key” approach is an ideal situation for most practices. Since BHN offers comprehensive urodynamics testing and UroCuff testing services, we'd like to delve into this topic and help you understand why these two tests can actually help your practice.

Why Use Urodynamics and UroCuff Testing Services?


We deliver a team of trained specialists with years of experience, having performed thousands of tests. You don't have to train staff or manage the procedures, saving on training expenses and time.

Means of operation

There is no need to change your busy schedule to perform the tests. Typically, after a convenient date has been selected and agreed upon by both sides, staff and equipment come to you to run tests and diagnose your patients.

Quality and Consistency

Given BHN’s long history and precise male and female testing protocols, we deliver extremely consistent test results, and reports are provided by professionals that follow a methodical process in administering the urodynamics testing or UroCuff testing.  We also provide our staff with regular training to ensure they stay up to speed on best practices and updates to published protocols.

Increased revenue

Practices that choose such services can see an increased profit per patient for urodynamic and UroCuff testing, not including the revenue generated by repeated visits for consultation and treatment.

Fast results and compiled reports

After you have been visited by BHN’s pelvic floor specialists and their equipment and your patients have been screened, tests results are compiled in a logical and efficient manner. These tests include: uroflowmetry, post-void residual measurement, pressure flow studies, electromyography, video urodynamics testing, and the male-focused UroCuff test. Plus, having the tests compiled for you saves time and provides for well-documented results.

Work capacity

A dedicated BHN specialist can perform tests on a large number patients each testing day. This allows your practice to utilize existing staff for other high value functions while providing for ample urodynamics and UroCuff testing capacity.  Said differently, you will have ample urodynamics/UroCuff testing capacity and your current staff can perform other valuable tasks.

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How Does It Work?

Let's take the UroCuff test as an example. It works the same way a blood-pressure cuff does and is essential for diagnosing incontinence when used in combination with pressure flow studies and electromyohraphy.

If a patient comes into your office, his journey will likely have the following stages: initial screening, diagnostic testing, consultation, and the treatment stage.  All of these are equally important, but optimizing the testing process will give your practice an extra advantage. Plus, extra revenue is generated for your practice.

For most medical practices, financial reward might not be the primary goal, but with the diminishing reimbursement rates on many services you have been providing for years, it is best for you to know that services like urodynamics testing and UroCuff testing can improve your bottom line, with little to no added work from you or your staff!


Ultimately, both urodynamics and UroCuff testing use well-established technologies that provide extremely accurate pressure readings and data for the diagnosis of lower urinary tract symptoms. Using a service provider such as BHN to deliver urodynamic and/or UroCuff testing offers your practice a flexible way to provide these diagnostics without additional capital equipment costs, training costs, or other headaches. 

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